Wedding Invitation Words

We can help with wedding invitation words and design so that you can add a unique quality to your stationery.

Bring family and friends together for your big day with wedding stationery from

I love Zazzle for its quality and speed of service.  I have ordered from them a number of times, so I am confident in  recommending  them for your wedding stationery.  They are also a world-wide company which means that you can buy from them wherever you live in the world.

They also have a great guarantee - if you don't absolutely love what you order, they will take it back no questions asked.  Can't be fairer than that really, can they?

Choose from a huge and amazing selection of rustic, elegant, vintage, and modern wedding invitation styles, as well as the beach ones I have picked out below from the Zazzle UK site.

Find your complete wedding suite of stationery and match your invitations with RSVP cards, table cards and more.

A very few examples from the enormous range, which includes wedding invitation wording

This is just one example of a "Save the date" card, which can be sent out a long time in advance of the invitation.  There are more details on the reverse.

I chose it as suitable for an overseas wedding, such as Spain.  It gives people time to save up for the fare too!