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What About Dramatic Eyes?

Your wedding makeup looks, try dramatic eye makeup on your wedding day that is quite bold but you can carry it off, especially if you have dark skin.

The eyes are usually the most beautiful and expressive part of the face and skillfully applied makeup will accentuate them.

Generally fair complexions look best with subtler shades of shadow, liner and mascara but darker skin can take more dramatic colours and combinations.

This pink eye make up application looks fabulous with matching lips and evening gown but change the dress for a pale one and it would look completely different.

You can still have high definition eye makeup but think of a softer feel, reminiscent of the fading light of a warm summer evening.

Use a pale lilac instead of bright pink and add a soft gel eyeliner in mauve, with a soft pink gloss on lips.

I recommend a gel eyeliner as it has excellent staying power for a wet, dramatic look. MAC has a great one and it's terrific for very fine lines and smudge-able ones.

Eye shadow make up tips for dramatic eyes

Get your brows into shape for maximum impact. Keep them full for a younger appearance and to soften your features but focus on the arch. Maintain your natural shape and only pluck beneath and between your brows, never above.

Fill in with brow makeup, a shade or two darker than your hair colour, and blend with an eyebrow brush so you can't see where the makeup starts and the brow hairs stop.

Use quality eye make up brushes - they will make precise application easier to achieve and help create a beautiful, polished finish. There are lots of great quality brushes available in the marketplace. Natural, soft but firm bristles are the best.

Eyelash curlers can work miracles too - their use helps to open up the eye and make the lashes appear longer and fuller. More drama can be added with the clever use of fake ones.

Place a tissue under the eye to stop pigment dust from dropping onto your cheeks. This will help to keep the finish clean and precise for a dramatic eye make up.

For professional looking results, dramatic eye make up, or indeed any make up application, requires practice, practice, practice...

Dramatic Bridal Wedding Makeup Looks

With dramatic eye, wedding makeup looks is bold and beautiful and it can also be mysterious and entrancing. It's designed to capture the viewer's attention. Here it is used to good effect on an Asian bride. On her dusky skin, the pale lilac I talked about above would be lost.

An easy way to get attention to the eyes and make them appear more dramatic is to keep your lips pale.

Use your normal eye shadow colours in a dramatic way by applying stripes of colour up the lid - this time being careful NOT to blend completely! Use a contrast of light and dark and finish with silver (or gold) shimmer at the inner and outer corners.

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