Wedding Makeup Techniques Using Highlighters Shaders And Blushers

Having laid a base colour with foundation and powder, wedding makeup techniques can be used to emphasise the contours of your face with blushers, shaders and highlighters.

These bring life and shape to your face, emphasising bone structure and playing down irregular features.

The basic principle to remember when learning how to apply make up of this kind is that colours lighter than your skin bring features forward, while darker colours make them recede.

Look carefully at your face shape and decide which features you want to enhance with makeup techniques and which you want to play down.

Carefully chosen shaders and highlighters work well together when applying make up. They should always be subtle, blended well with no harsh lines. Blusher adds colour rather than shadow and so is a stronger or warmer colour.


Use highlighters on good features, which you want to draw attention to - for example, attractive bone structure around the eyes or well balanced cheekbones. The cheek and brow bone form a natural frame for the eyes and if these bones are highlighted they make a dramatic setting for well applied eye makeup.

Don't use too pale a highlighter. Ivory, light pink or cream tones look better than white, while bronzes, golds and deeper pinks look good on darker skin tones. Added shine or glitter intensifies the effect.

To emphasize the cheekbones, apply a line of highlighter from the outer corner of each eye, above the cheekbone, to the hairline.

To bring forward a receding chin, apply highlighter on the tip of the chin and blend into the surrounding makeup.

Just one or two accents are enough not to fight with the camera lens.


Wedding makeup techniques using shaders cause the part the product is applied to, to recede into the shadow. They can be used to detract from heavy or uneven features but should be subtle blending rather than obvious patches.

Use pinks, golds, peaches and reds in daytime and only use darker browns at night.

Applying make up shaders if your nose is crooked, for example, can straighten its appearance by applying a little blended shader to the crooked side. If your nose is too broad, narrow the wide area with shader at the sides.

To give a wide forehead a better proportion, apply shader to each temple and blend in well around the hairline.

Blushers; More Wedding Makeup Techniques For You To Try

Blushers are stronger colours than the other two and add a healthy warmth and tone to the skin. Even faces that do not require contouring will look better with a little blusher applied.

Blusher should be two tones darker than your skin tone. Oriental skins can be lifted with a peachy tone of blusher while reddish and plum shades will make a black skin lovely and vibrant.

To give your face a healthy glow, use blusher over your cheeks, out towards your ears and up beside your eyes. For evenings use a little more and wear it high on the cheekbones - it will make your eyes look bigger.

Don't put blusher too near your nose, but take it up and out towards the hairline to open up your face.

I hope you enjoyed learning these wedding makeup techniques using contour colours, remember to enjoy the build up to your special day, and do not allow stress to take hold.