How To Put On
Wedding Makeup

I'm going to give you some basic Wedding makeup lessons on how to put it on. You could even call it "applying makeup for dummies" so I'm not just talking simply makeup for your wedding day here but what to do every day.

The Primer

First things first - treat your skin like a canvas being prepared for painting. It must be clean. Then apply your moisturiser and/or skin primer. A primer diffuses the appearance of pores and fine lines and helps to make your makeup look flawless and even.

The Base

Great wedding makeup begins with an even, well-applied base. This base is produced with foundation and powder. The foundation provides the background tone and colour and the powder is used to set it.

Don't worry, this doesn't have to give an old-fashioned powdery look but it does prevent streaking or smearing and makes your makeup last much longer - important for brides of course.


The colour of your foundation is very important. It should match your own natural skin tone.  It is there to even out your complexion, not to change the colour of it.

If your skin is very white, or a pinky white, you can use pale foundations with a tan, honey or pink tint. With a more sallow, or suntanned skin, choose tan, beige, olive or maybe a peach shade. If you have very dark or black skin, then you should use dark tones of browns or reds.

Test Wedding Makeup On Your Face Before Buying

Take time when you are buying a foundation and always test it on your face rather than on your hand. Not many people have the same skin tone on their hands as on their face!

Foundation is a base to even out skin tone (colour and shading can be applied later). If it is too light for your face, you will look as if you have a mask on. If your foundation is too dark you will look flushed and unhealthy.

Foundation comes in several forms, including powder in some of the new mineral makeup ranges. Liquid foundation usually gives a light coverage and is suitable for young skin in good condition. Then there are many thicker and even solid foundations which give more substantial coverage and can even cover acne scars for example.

Application Of Foundation

Apply your foundation on a clean skin, which has had a moisturiser and/or primer applied about 5 minutes beforehand. Use clean fingers or a damp sponge (or a big brush for mineral makeup) to apply it in even strokes to one part of your face at a  time:

  • Put a dab of foundation in the middle of your forehead and spread it with circular strokes to cover the area up to the hairline.
  • On one side, work down from the temple, over the cheek and very lightly under the eye.
  • Repeat on the other side of your face.
  • Put a little foundation at each side of the nose, blend over the nose and very lightly up over the eyelids.
  • Use a little more to cover your chin and jawline, blending well into the top of your neck to avoid leaving a join line.
  • Take time to check that the foundation is even and well blended all over. This is one of the most important lessons in how to put on wedding makeup professionally.


Powder helps set your foundation and provides a grease-free surface for the rest of your makeup. Amazingly it also gives a more natural finish than bare foundation so don't be tempted to miss it out, especially for a special occasion such as your wedding!

Powder comes in two forms - loose and compressed. Loose gives a more translucent finish and is best for the post-foundation dusting. Compressed is more convenient for carrying around for quick repairs of a shiny nose for example!

I prefer a lightly tinted translucent powder. When you are learning how to put on makeup, if you use a non-translucent powder, choose one which is a shade lighter than your foundation.

Application Of Powder

  • Use a piece of cotton wool and dab it into the powder lightly.
  • Then apply it to your face using a press and roll motion.
  • Don't miss the crevices around the nose, lips and eyes.
  • Be careful not to rub the powder into your skin.
  • Sweep downwards on your face and neck with a big soft brush to remove surplus powder.
  • Use an eyebrow brush to remove any powder from your brows

That is your base applied and your first lesson about how to put on wedding makeup!