How To Do A Wedding Manicure At Home

Save pounds and learn how to do a wedding manicure yourself.

Setting aside half an hour each week for a home manicure is an excellent way of keeping your nails in top condition, in preparation for your wedding.

Between weekly nail manicure sessions, your nails should then just need cleaning and slathers of hand cream every time your hands have been in water.

Your Wedding Manicure Routine

You will need the following:

  • cotton wool or cotton pads
  • acetone-free or gentle nail polish remover
  • a padded emery board (not metal or sandpaper file)
  • cuticle remover
  • small bowl of warm water (with a few drops of scented oil if you like)
  • orange stick or rubber tipped hoof stick
  • soft buffer (chamois if possible)
  • hand cream
  • base coat or nail hardener
  • nail polish

Do Each Step For One Hand And Then The Other

  1. File and shape nails, filing from the sides to the centre, not to and fro
  2. Remove old nail polish with cotton wool soaked in remover
  3. Immerse fingers in warm water for 3 mins or so to soften
  4. Rub in cuticle remover as directed
  5. Ease back cuticles with rubber hoof stick or orange stick wrapped in cotton wool
  6. Scrub nails gently with soft brush and clean warm water
  7. Buff nails with soft buffer for a few seconds each
  8. Massage hand cream well into the hands from fingertips to wrist
  9. Remove excess cream from the nails themselves with damp cotton pad
  10. Apply a base coat or nail strengthener to each nail

You Are Now Ready To Apply Nail Polish

  1. Rest your hand on an old folded towel to keep it steady
  2. Use 3 strokes - centre from base to tip and each side
  3. Work lightly around the tip of each nail with the thumb of your other hand to remove polish build-up on the nail edge
  4. Allow the first coat on one hand to dry while you do the other hand
  5. Apply a second coat of colour, making sure that any brush marks are evened out
  6. Apply a top coat or sealer, brushing along and under the nail tip
  7. Remove any trace of polish from skin using a cotton bud dipped in remover

Salon Manicure

If you don't feel very confident at first about applying your own nail polish, invest in a salon manicure and watch carefully!

I would recommend you also invest in your wedding manicure when the day arrives, even though by then you might be really professional at knowing how to do a manicure. The stress of the day might make your hands shake!

When you have a professional manicure, take your favourite colour polish with you so that you have it to touch up your nails at home - that'll make it last longer.