Wedding Menu Ideas
To Tantalise Your Taste Buds

When it comes to wedding menu ideas, I'm not so sure about some of the current trends for wedding food menu such as heart shaped pasta or the candy stand (or sweet stand as I would really say).

Even the best of blogs seem to show a scary amount of love focused food that would either send my sugar levels sky high or make me want to vomit from the gushiness. (That's not to mention that fact the guests at the wedding won't appreciate a gaggle of krazy kids high on sugary treats running amok at your reception).

It's always easy to go down a pretentious route, which is why I favour menu ideas that are about you and your tastes. Give your guests a sense of your preferred flavours, what you love and a smattering of your favourites.

Believe it or not, it is important as most people remember the food, more so than your dress or even your ceremony. Your guests will spend more time at the table eating, drinking and generally having a super lovely time than doing anything else at your wedding.

Of course, not all receptions are seated around tables (although most are) so I'll cover alternatives in a minute, but for now, if you're planning a seated soiree, then work closely with your caterer to define your wedding food menu.

wedding food menu

A reputable chef will be able to work with you to craft wedding menu ideas that suit your wedding theme and personal style, be it 1930s chic or family favourites (one wedding I went to a while back served up bacon and cabbage: a family favourite for the Irish bride and groom, but certainly not to the taste of all the guests).

For those choosing something a little less formal, then your reception menu can consist of much simpler ideas. Be it little canapés, afternoon tea or a garden BBQ slurped down with a light punch, the principles still stay true. Use your personality to add a dash of charm and depth of flavour to the menu.

So, think carefully about how you'd like your wedding to be remembered and whatever you do, be it the vintage tea party or the bacon and cabbage, do it well for it will stay in the minds of your guests.

Wedding Menu Ideas


I really don't like putting the pressure on couples by getting them to think about what their guests might think. It's not about that. That simply adds stress to the planning process and makes you feel that you have do something in a certain way. You don't.

And although the food is usually one of the most remembered things at weddings, it is not the only thing. The day is about you, your love and the celebration of that. Don't give those guests that are expecting a 3 star Michelin style meal served up a second thought as it really doesn't matter. So, I'd like to revise that last line to 'do it your way, but do it well'. I'm sure you will. ;o)

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