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I've always thought that good wedding music ideas are hard to come by. When I started looking at wedding bands for my own wedding, the pickings were pretty slim. Synthesisers and eighties love ballads, anyone?

For me, wedding music was pretty important.

The music you choose for your reception, and indeed your ceremony, can have an affect on the mood of your guests, and in fact how good a time people have.

The kind of wedding music ideas you consider will depend on the kind of party you want to have. A punk cover band will not really fit in at your elegant reception dinner.

It may also be a little difficult to get that string quartet to the end of a pier for your seaside ceremony.

DIY Music

Depending on the kind of reception your are having, DIY music can work a treat. An iPod with the deck on shuffle is perfect for many occasions. Make sure you have really good speakers, and that you uncheck any songs with bad language, or songs about breakups for that matter!

Wedding Music Ideas

Using your own wedding music ideas is cheap, and also effective. If you're having a low key wedding or something at home then it makes for a brilliant choice.

Some friends who had their reception in a hall recently decided on this option. The only problem occurred was when the bride's teenage cousin decided to replace the couple's iPod with his own, complete with hardcore German dance tracks!

Finding the Right Wedding Music Band

Wedding Music Band

If you're looking for a wedding music band, I think that you should automatically exclude any act that advertises itself exclusively for weddings.

While I'm sure there are some out there that are great, most of the ones I listened to were pretty tacky, and had a terrible song selection. They were also very expensive.

My sister found her band through a local performing arts college. They had a page on their website of students who had formed their own bands and were available to hire. The band she chose sang jazz and blues songs, along with some more modern numbers. They were more than happy to learn The Beatles song they wanted to have our dance to. The band charged about half as much as what a 'wedding' band would have, and the music was great. On the day, many of the guests complimented the band too - so, everyone wins.

For something a little different, look beyond the wedding directories for the right music act. Don't discount friends or relatives who may be performers, often they would love to be a part of your wedding.

Some friends of mine had their reception in a brewery last year. One of the guests was a singer and guitarist. Rather than give a gift, he performed a one hour set at the reception.

Try a Silent Disco

Out of all of the wedding music ideas around, one of the coolest would have to be the silent disco. This works with all of the guests wearing headphones. There are two DJ's playing different sets of music which guests can choose from.

wedding music and djs

Those wearing headphones are having a great time dancing and singing away to the music of their choice. Everyone else gets to watch the very strange phenomenon of people dancing in silence and humming to themselves a little.

You can also have fun with a silent disco by setting up competitions between the DJs, or preferred sets of music by the guests. The set with more people listening or dancing, wins. It's just a bit of fun to add to the reception.

It's quite strange really because unless you're wearing the headphones, you can't hear any music (hence, silent disco), which allows the relatives that haven't seen each other in ages catch up without shouting.

It's also a great option if your venue has specific criteria for when the music needs to stop, for example, if the venue is in a residential area.

When looking for the right kind of wedding reception dance music, you really need to just look at what kind of reception you're having. Pick something that fits in with your theme, and also that you think guests will enjoy.

These are just a few wedding music ideas. What did you do or are planning to do for your wedding?

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