How To Do A Wedding Pedicure

You can learn how to do a wedding pedicure yourself and still achieve good results. Although a professional treatment is lovely, you can save money by grooming your feet yourself from time to time.

Finding time yourself every couple of weeks will certainly improve their appearance. You will find it particularly valuable when peep-toe shoes and summer or wedding sandals reveal feet that have spent the winter in warm tights and heavy boots!

The name pedi-'cure' is a good one!

Is the dry skin on your feet just too much to cope with?!

Then start off the season letting a pro whisk it away. She can also deal with any calluses, trim cuticles and generally groom your tootsies to gorgeousness.

You will then find it much easier to continue the following DIY treatment. You will also learn by having watched her how to do a pedicure.

Equipment for a Wedding Pedicure Includes The Following Foot Care Products

  • soft nail brush
  • pumice stone or foot scrub
  • cotton wool
  • nail clippers
  • emery board
  • hoof stick
  • cuticle remover
  • foot cream
  • nail polish remover
  • polish

Put your best foot forward!

  1. Remove every trace of old polish and then pop your feet into a bowl of warm water. Or sit on the edge of the bath and let you feet soak in the tub. Wash each foot in turn and scrub the nails with a soft brush.
  2. A good old-fashioned pumice stone is the cheapest method of removing rough patches of hard skin from heels, soles and under the big toe. But go lightly - don't buff too hard or you'll end up with sore feet and compacted skin. Little and often is better.
  3. Foot scrubs tend to do two things at once and you might prefer one of these to a pumice stone or foot file. The exfoliating grains tackle the dead skin cells and moisturising ingredients nourish and soften your feet.
  4. Rinse your feet in fresh, warm water and dry carefully, paying particular attention to the areas between your toes.
  5. Massage in some rich body cream or dedicated foot cream. Be generous and concentrate on the areas where hard skin tends to build up. Massage up from the toes to the ankles.
  6. Trim your toe nails, cutting straight across. Nail clippers give a better shape than scissors or use the strong side of your emery board. Smooth any rough edges with the emery board.
  7. Apply cuticle cream to each nail, working it in around the sides and base. Then use a rubberised hoof stick to push the cuticles back gently and tidy them up.
  8. Separate your toes by twisting a tissue in and out between them. You can also use cotton wool or special pads to keep them apart. Wipe the nails to take away any traces of grease remaining from the foot cream.
  9. Apply a base coat of polish using 3 broad strokes: one up the centre of the nail from base to tip, followed by two firm strokes to either side. Allow to dry and then apply a top coat of polish in the same way.

Then revel in wriggling those twinkling toes

Now you know how to do a wedding pedicure and so, if I were you, I'd spend the money you'll save on a fabulous new pair of sandals to show off your summer feet!