Wedding Photo Tips

I'd like to share my top wedding photo tips with you.

You will go to a vast amount of trouble (let alone expense!) to have everything perfect for your wedding.

You want to have great photographs to remind yourselves of the day and treasure for ever.   So when you are old and grey and sitting by the fire, you can take out your album and remember everything in detail!

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Wedding Photo Tips

  • When you are choosing your wedding photographer get them to show you some of their past work so you can see their style.
  • Choose wisely.   If you want funky, contemporary photos you don't want to hire one with a conservative style, no matter how much experience he/she might have.  The photographer should be able to blend into the background and capture the visual narrative of the day.  Photographs are not so staged or posed these days, although most people still want some group shots and, of course, portraits of the bride and groom together.
  •  Find out up front what the pictures will cost you, how many shots you'll get and discuss with your partner how you want to use them - digitally, print, albums etc.
  • Will there be those extra pictures taken to fill up an album and remind you about the details of the big day?   You could ask a family member with a good camera and a good eye to take these for you if necessary - things such as the flowers, table settings, menus, favours, and some style shots like shoes, jewellery and hats.

Fail to plan and you plan to fail

One of the best wedding photo tips I was ever given was to plan the group shots in advance.

Give your photographer a list of the key shots that you want, before he is let loose to capture everything else.

This is particularly important in the case of family pictures. There is nothing worse than getting the photos back only to realize that there is none of you with Aunt Sally and Uncle Sam, who traveled hundreds of miles to be with you that day!

It's also a good idea to designate a member of each family, in advance, to assist the photographer in gathering people together for the family photos.

This takes the pressure off you, while making it much easier for the photographer, who will then remain calm and get relaxed and natural looking shots.  Otherwise this part of the wedding can seemingly take forever or easily become chaotic.

Two is twice as good as one!

Another way to avoid chaos is to choose two photographers who work together, rather than one on his/her own.

This avoids one having to move about too much during the ceremony or speeches. Perhaps one can concentrate on the more formal family pictures while the other captures those "off camera" shots.

Colour or black and white

Both types of photographs are beautiful and some of each is a good idea to vary the album.  Bright summer weddings will have more colour images while winter weddings suit black and white better.