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Your wedding prelude songs will be playing before the actual ceremony begins. Your goal here is to welcome guests with relaxing, harmonious music as they are being seated. Typically you will need about 15-30 minutes of music.

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Traditional/Classical Wedding Prelude Songs

Canon in D
Artist: Johann Pachelbel
Genre: Classical

Canon in D has become a staple song for many weddings. The music is very recognizable and guests will immediately feel like they're walking into an elegant ceremony.

Air on the G String
Artist: Johann Bach
Genre: Classical

Air on the G string is another very recognizable wedding song and is used in many movies and plays. The melody of this piece is perfect for almost any portion of the ceremony.

Moonlight Sonata
Artist: Beethoven
Genre: Classical

Also known as Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-Sharp Minor. The first portion of this piece is simple and relaxing - which makes perfect use during a prelude. However, the later portion that you may want to edit out as it ramps up in tempo significantly.

Suite No. 1 in G Major
Artist: Johann Bach
Genre: Classical

When searching for classical music, cello focused pieces are popular for wedding prelude songs music. Suite No. 1 is certainly the best known movement of the series and is played in many movies, advertisements, and television

Romantic Op. 75 No. 1
Artist: Antonin Dvorak
Genre: Classical

Violin and piano - this is the first piece of 4 in the series. Romantic No. 1 is a perfect piece to play during your classical prelude if you're seeking to relax and welcome your visitors.

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Artist: Johann Bach
Genre: Classical

This piece was originally composed by Bach, but has been "remade" by many artists over the years. Josh Groban, Jim Brickman, and The Beach Boys to name a few, have created their own modern versions. If your general theme of the processional is classical, it may be best to stick with the original version by Bach.

Air From Water Music No. 1
Artist: George Frederic Handel
Genre: Classical

Unlike many of the previous entries, Water Music is played from a large orchestra of many instruments. If you visited Disney World's Magic Kingdom in the 80s or 90s, you may have heard this piece play for the Electrical Water Pageant.

Contemporary Prelude Songs

Because You Loved Me
Artist: Celine Dion
Genre: Pop
Release: 1996

This song has powerful lyrics perfect for many segments of a wedding - it is a popular pick for people because of this. Because You Loved Me was #1 on Billboard for 6 weeks.

Right Here, Right Now
Artist: Sheri Miller
Genre: Pop
Release: 2008

A PERFECT wedding song. This little-known gold nugget is simply beautiful and will flow nicely in your ceremony playlist. Sheri Miller also has quite a few similar songs that you may like to add.

Make Me Whole
Artist: Amel Larrieux
Genre: Neo Soul
Release: 2000

It's surprising that this song never made it to the top charts. Lyrics include touching lines, such as "you're the other half that makes me whole" and "your love completes my existence" - these are sure to bring some tears to some of the more sensitive wedding guests.

Bless the Broken Road
Artist: Rascal Flatts
Genre: Country
Release: 2004

This song was originally written by Marcus Hummon, but the Rascal Flatt's version is by far the most successful and popular - it was #1 on the Billboard country music charts in 2005. As romantic country songs go, this is definitely worth consideration for your ceremony.

Here and Now
Artist: Luther Vandross
Genre: Classic Soul
Release: 1989

This song may be bordering the "contemporary" category, but it's certainly worth mention. Here and Now may be one of the best songs for your ceremony playlist.

I Do (Cherish You)
Artist: 98 Degrees
Genre: Pop
Release: 1999

Originally a country song, the 98 Degrees remake was a smash hit in the late 90's. Most of you will remember when this was released - It is still a popular wedding song choice today.

Forever in Love
Artist: Kenny G
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Release: 1993

Your wedding prelude songs are likely meant to relax YET excite your guests with easy to listen to, harmonious music...and Kenny G's instrumental hit "Forever in Love" brings this together perfectly.

Ave Maria
Artist: Beyonce
Genre: Pop
Release: 2008

A rewrite to Franz Schubert's original, Beyonce provides excellent operatic soprano in this beautiful "piano and strings" song. Beyonce performed this song as tribute to Michael Jackson in 2009, resulting in an emotional ovation.

Feels Like Home
Artist: Chantal Kreviazuk
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Release: 1999

Dawson's Creek fans will likely be familiar with this tune as it was part of its 1999 soundtrack, as well as a number of movies throughout the past decade.

I Turn to You
Artist: Christina Aguilera
Genre: Pop
Release: 2000

Christina recorded this cover version of the original song by All-for-One. Her powerful vocals hit beautiful notes and amplify touching lyrics. The All-for-One version is also quite nice and could be considered for your prelude as substitute.

When God Made You
Artist: Newsong, featuring Natalie Grant
Genre: Christian, Gospel
Release: 2004

"When God made you, he must have been thinking about me". Singing about the perfect connection between two people - this is a very popular wedding song for good reason. The tone and lyrics just "fit" for many ceremonies.

Ready for Love
Artist: India.Arie
Genre: R&B
Release: 2001

A somber, yet inspirational hit song by India.Arie. Emotionally mature women can appreciate the power of the lyrics of this song. Your prelude playlist will be complete with the emotionally gripping vocals of this R&B artist.

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Your wedding prelude songs will be playing before the actual ceremony begins. The goal here is to welcome guests with relaxing, harmonious music as they are being seated.

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