Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Wedding reception decoration ideas don't have to be dull. Your reception is the part of your wedding day where you, your partner, and your guests get to let their hair down and really have a good time. The important part is over and the pressure has been taken off.

By using some different and original decorating ideas, you can set the tone of the reception right and really make your reception one to remember.

Reception Decoration Themes

One of the easiest ways to get inspired with wedding reception decoration ideas is to choose a theme for your wedding.

It could be as simple as a colour scheme, the location of your wedding or as elaborate as a historical era.

Some of the stand-out themes I have seen have been vintage styled, fun stuff, Rockabilly and beach themes, to name just a few.

It's about taking elements of these and making them your own, so your personality as a couple, and what encapsulates you, comes through in your decoration ideas.

Creating a Focal Point

wedding reception table decoration ideas

Of course, your wedding reception decoration ideas don't have to be limited to just the tables, you have a whole room at your disposal. One idea I've seen done that I really like is having a focal piece in the room.

It might be your cake table, a candy bar or sweet buffet, or even a collection of ornaments, sculptures or items that help to define your theme (hay bales and wellies for that country wedding or a stack of vintage goods in your year of choice). Coming up with a good focal point can really bring your reception to life, act as a wedding centrepiece and will hold your wedding theme together.

A good idea I saw at a wedding a few months ago was a slide show presentation. Friends and family had sent their old photos of the couple to the best man, who created a slide show of the couple growing up, meeting each other, their families and friends, but mainly it was about their adventure together to that particular moment in time.

wedding reception decoration ideas

It was something everyone could enjoy and have a bit of giggle about (we've all got those embarrassing photos lurking in the bottom draw of our parents chest, you know, the ones that you never want anyone to see).

Look Up

What's on the ceiling of your reception venue? If you're worried that your venue is going to look plain or tired, decoration ideas for the ceiling is a good way to make things a bit more interesting. Using details like fairy lights, bunting, large flags, canvases or a tulle canopy can breathe life into a lacklustre venue. It can also cover up unsightly features and bring your theme to life.

Don't Forget the Details

wedding reception decorations ideas

The difference between good reception decoration ideas and mediocre ones often comes down to the details. Keep the little things in mind as this is what people notice more, and it makes a big difference. Whether it's a napkin ring, or a cocktail stick, you can really go to town on the details. Combined together and just these alone can make your wedding one of the most memorable.

If you're time-poor or creatively challenged, consider getting in expert help. Having a designer or wedding planner on board can help you to make sure that all the little extra things have been done and that nothing is forgotten. It can also help to take some of the creative stress off you.

Whatever You Do, Do It Well

Whatever wedding reception decoration ideas you decide to include, the most important thing is to do it properly. A half-hearted attempt at vintage won't sit that well and could look a bit hit and miss. Either be subtle, or go for the whole hog, choosing the latter will certainly make your day stand out and be a hell of a lot more fun.

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