Wedding Reception Decorations
For The Daring

Most wedding reception decorations have been bland and boring for some time. When I see something a little different and unusual, it really catches my attention.

This being said, a couple of things I've seen in the last year or so are getting a little out of control. It's almost as if we've run out of all the good ideas for wedding decorations, and only the strange and kooky are left over!

To be fair, I think you should have whatever you want at your wedding.

Follow your theme through and let your decorations fit in with this. However, I think that there are some ideas out there that are just weird for the sake of weird. Have a read and make up your own mind!

Here are some of the slightly more strange wedding reception decoration that are around at the moment.

Bold and Bizarre

I love the idea of books playing a role in wedding reception decorations. Flicking through some wedding photos the other day, I saw a makeshift altar of bookcases shoved together.

I've also seen receptions decorated with bookcases and ladders, and small bound copies of classic novels being given as wedding favours.

Printed banners are also making an appearance as ceremony decor. Some have a simple slogan like 'love', or the names of the bride and groom. Others are a little more out there. I actually really love these, even though more brides and grooms are picking up on the idea, they're still unusual.

My favourites are the ones that feature original artwork or are completely customised.

Minimalism Gone Mad

wedding table decorations

I've seen a few examples lately of wedding 'undecorations'. Skipping the decorating route altogether at your ceremony or reception is not unheard of, although unusual these days. If you're tying the knot at a beautiful location, why distract from it with decorations?

Some friends of mine are getting married in a few weeks time. I asked them what kind of decorations they had planned, and they looked at me with blank stares. The thought of decorating anything hadn't occurred to them, there isn't going to be even a mere centrepiece in sight.

Some couples like to almost make a show of their lack of decorations and have a minimalist wedding. Others have items like empty flower pots to emphasise the lack of decor. Others don't agree, but I think this is going a bit far. There is a time and a place to be post-modern; I don't think it's at a wedding.

Curiouser and Curiouser

wedding reception decorations

I'm suspicious that some of the wedding decorations I've seen around were stolen from the set of Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland'. Trees are something I've seen that I just don't get. Not flowers, or small ornamental trees, but giant, full-grown trees.

Some friends, who are at this point engaged without having set a date, want to have a giant's wedding. They're looking for giant props to decorate their reception venue with. I'm not sure if they'll be successful, but at least it will be an interesting day!

I've also seen plenty of vintage finds appearing as wedding reception decorations. I have to admit, although it's a little old hat now, I love the idea of old birdcages as centrepieces. (Although this may suggest the bride or groom is going to be caged? I don't know...) I've also seen vintage kitchen appliances on tables at receptions. Old toasters, kettles, and canisters have been given new life.

A recent wedding I featured had a carburettor as the centrepiece, lovingly created and polished to shine by the petrol-head groom.

Some of these wedding reception decorations may seem cool and funky now, but I have to wonder what they will look like in ten, or even 20 years time. At the end of the day, it's your wedding. If you're not worried about it, then nobody else should be either.

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