Wedding Reception Ideas
Making Your Wedding Memorable

Weddings are becoming more and more adventurous with wedding reception ideas almost becoming extreme. With TV programmes such as Four Weddings and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, the strange and the startling are almost commonplace.

For the majority, their wedding receptions are from the chaos that often ensues on those programmes and instead, they're a little prettier and a little more normal.

What those programmes do offer though is a glimpse into the ideas that are being thrown around. Some good and some damn right awful, not ever to be repeated.

What you do see though is more and more themed weddings. From weddings with hints of vintage to full-on fancy dressed flappers, themes and unusual quirks are becoming mainstream, which makes being in the wedding industry a little more interesting (and it's why I love what I do).

So, besides the usual themes, where can you go with your wedding reception? The world is your oyster. With customisation and DIY a central part of most couples' weddings, it's easy to create that point of difference and stand out.

Why not take a look at some of these reception ideas that will help you make your wedding reception a little more memorable.

Wedding Reception Ideas

Reception Ideas

Wedding Music Ideas
Shoot the DJ! Do something different with these original wedding music ideas.

Need To Have An Inexpensive Wedding Reception?
Being a little bit different usually means you can DIY or easily reduce your budget, simply because you're not conforming to the standard 'wedding' (which usually commands a premium price). See how you can make your wedding reception a little more budget friendly.

Simple Reception Ideas
Striping back a wedding so it's simple is difficult when there are plenty of ideas and inspiration around. But get back to basics with these ideas.

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