Wedding Reception Invitations

On certain occasions, you're only going to need wedding reception invitations. Depending on how you structure your day and your guest list, some guests will need full invites and other simply an evening invitation.

There are many reasons that you might only want to send out a reception invitation. Soy too small to fit everyone in, or they got married in the registry office.

Perhaps you're tying the knot abroad? While this can be quite a splendid way to get married, not all of your friends and family are going to be able to make it and having a reception is the perfect way to celebrate.

Another reason might be because of large families. Finding a ceremony location that can fit large numbers can be tricky, so an option might be to have a small ceremony and get most of your guests to come after.

All of these scenarios are going to require wedding reception invitations.

Wording for wedding reception invitations

The first step in putting together wedding reception invitations is deciding exactly what it is you are going to say. As it's just for the reception, there isn't as much need for the formal wording you might see on most wedding invites.

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You might also like to mention whether there will be a meal served, what the dress code is, or whether gifts are expected. If you don't mention gifts people will bring you one, so you don't really need to say anything unless you don't want them.

You don't need to go overboard on detail. In my opinion, crowded and over detailed invites with lots of information aren't that great, aesthetically speaking. Guests don't need to know when they will be going home, or what you are serving for dessert.

If you're unsure, it's always best to keep things simple, instead letting your design and illustrations do the talking. People with questions will call or email you.

Another important part of wedding reception invitations is making it clear why the guest has not been included in the ceremony. You can say this on the invitation in a way that is polite and considerate. If you are stuck for the right words, then it's also fine to contact guests and explain why they are not invited to the ceremony. Most people will be honoured to be a part of your wedding, no matter what the circumstances are.

Original wedding invitations

Wedding Reception Invitations

Once you've decided on the invitation wording you can have some fun with how they're going to look. If you've got a theme for your wedding, it's a great opportunity to include some of the motifs and ideas as a part of your invites.

The best way to make your invites unique is to find a way to express your own personalities in them.

What do you do together as a couple that's special to you? Maybe there is a song you both love; you could use a quote from the lyrics. You could also do this with a favourite poem or even a funny line from a television show you like. Artworks, colours, and destinations can all form a part of your invitation inspiration.

Another way of making your invites stand out is to hire a graphic designer to put them together for you. This is a lot more affordable than you might think. If you give a designer a rough idea of what you and your partner like, they can put together something spectacular for you both.

You could also get them to design other elements of your wedding stationery like place cards, menus, or anything else you are thinking about including.

wording for wedding reception invitations

Printing your invitations on different kinds of materials can really make them stand out. I saw some really quirky and fun invitations that were printed on tea towels. The best thing about this ingenious idea is that guests can hang up their reminder in their kitchen.

You could also print on handkerchiefs for a similar look. Reception invites could even be printed on metal or wood. This could work well with some wedding themes, for instance, wooden invitations for an outdoor or country wedding would be amazing.

Reception invitation etiquette

The general consensus on wedding reception invitations is that they should be sent out around eight weeks before your celebration. If there are school holidays, Christmas, or any other busy time of year that coincides with your date, then add an extra couple of weeks notice for good measure, or consider sending out save the date cards as well.

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