Avoid Wedding Sore Feet

It's not surprising that many people suffer from wedding sore feet of one kind or another. The feet are extremely complex structures, each with 26 foot bones, as well as 19 muscles and more than 100 ligaments.

Think about it!   Your feet have to bear the weight of your whole body and, being farthest away from your heart, they tend to have sluggish blood supply. As well as this, they are usually hidden away in shoes or boots and therefore very easy to forget . . . and neglect!

Apart from the pain in the foot itself, sore feet can have far-reaching effects. They can cause leg and back pain, postural problems and fatigue.

Taking care of your feet makes sense

You're getting married and you want to be able to walk down the aisle with ease and with a smile on your face! If your feet hurt it will be obvious to everyone. You also want your feet to look beautiful in your lovely wedding shoes, don't you?

Caring for your feet on a regular basis is vital and makes good sense whatever age you are. A minute or two of foot care every day and a regular pedicure will pay dividends not just on your big day, but for the rest of your life.

A daily routine will do wonders for your footsies, help to avoid wedding sore feet

Pay attention to hygiene and wash your feet every day, scrubbing the nails with a soft brush. Use a pumice stone to rub gently (not too hard or you could compact the skin layers) on any hard skin and use a specific foot scrub sometimes too.

Dry them thoroughly and massage in some rich foot cream.

Treats for the feet

Tired, sore feet will benefit from a treat or two!

  • Rub swollen feet and ankles with an ice cube and lie with your feet higher than your head for a few minutes.
  • Use a foot bath - or soak your feet in a large bowl of hot water, with a handful of baking soda added and a few drops of essential oil perhaps - peppermint and rosemary are cooling and healing.
  • Use the shower at full pressure and aim at your feet with first warm, then hot and then cold water

Finally, treat yourself to a professional foot massage and pedicure as often as you can, so on your big day you can avoid wedding sore feet.

However, with a little practice it's perfectly possible to achieve good  results at home.  This will certainly improve their appearance and, for a delightful, relaxing experience, maybe your partner will massage them for you!