What Do You Do About
Wedding Table Numbers?

Wedding table numbers can be an opportunity to do something a little bit fun and creative at your reception. Gone are the days when you placed a number on every table and a seating chart at the door.

Seating plans and table numbers are a good way to bring out your theme, do something a little kooky, or just celebrate your personalities.

Ideas for Wedding Table Numbers

When looking for inspiration for wedding table numbers, you don't really need to look any further than your own personalities. I didn't really see any unusual table ideas until a few years ago at a friend's wedding.

Her husband had proposed to her in Turkey, while on a three month long European holiday. Each of the tables was named after a country they visited while away. Places you have holidayed together, or perhaps are planning to visit, is one of my favourite ways of marking out tables.

Maybe you might just like to name your tables after you favourite cocktails. It's sure to put a smile on the faces of at least a few guests.

A similar idea is to name tables for your favourite brands of champagne, which your could then use in your toast, or just some brands of chocolate that you both really enjoy together.

Stars and Legends

wedding table numbers

A more unusual inspiration I've seen is naming each table after a football hero, an idea used by a sports-mad couple. Personally, I'm already subjected to enough sports in my life, but really it should be whatever you like.

I think the same thing could work really well with your own heroes. Maybe you both enjoy world politics and would like to name your tables after influential leaders. Perhaps you're into astronomy; you could name tables after star constellations. Both can't get enough of Top Gear? Then maybe your numbers could be after classic cars.

Your options here are endless, a good way to come up with the right inspiration is just to sit with your partner and have a brainstorm.

If you're having a retro theme, naming tables after the stars of classic movies could be a really nice touch. For instance, you could have the Marilyn Munroe table, the Betty Davis table, and the Humphrey Bogart table. Perfect for a vintage style wedding.

You could use this same thought with anything you both like really. It could be your favourite actors or singers, or maybe even cartoon characters that you both liked when you were young.

wedding table number ideas wedding table number ideas

Using Your Theme

If you are planning to have a wedding theme, this is a great starting point for finding ideas for wedding table numbers.

Some friends of mine braved the cold recently and had a winter wedding; each table was named after a word for snow in a different language.

More and more, I've noticed that brides and grooms opt out of having a theme for their wedding, and simple carry through a colour scheme or design style through their ceremony and reception. Using the names of colours on tables can work really well, or even different shades of the same colour, for example the lilac table, the lavender table, and so forth.

If you are having a destination wedding, or are perhaps just in a lovely spot, a good thing for wedding table numbers and names could be to use local landmarks.

Some of the loveliest ideas for reception tables that I've seen have actually been the simplest. At a spring wedding with a garden ceremony, the bride and groom gave each table the name of a flower from the garden they just made their vows in. You could really use this idea with any season though.

When coming up with inspiration for your wedding table numbers, there is really no end. It's a great chance to put on your creative hat and start coming up with ideas.

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