Wedding Themes
From 1920s Flapper To Star Wars

These days there are countless wedding themes to choose from to add a bit of life to your special day. From vintage to Gothic, or even Star Wars, there really is something for everyone.

Throwing a massive party for your friends and family is a great excuse to have some fun, after all, weddings can sometimes be a bit a stuffy and having a theme of sorts, lightens the day, or brings it all together.

The latest and probably the biggest wedding themes at the moment is vintage. The world has gone mad about it.

From those that throw themselves wholeheartedly into the idea of vintage dressing up and encouraging their guests to do so too, to those that just bring in small accents such as vintage style flowers or a headpiece, vintage is here to stay, for a while at least.

Vintage has many guises and for me, depicts the years between 1920 to 1960, prior to that it's antique and post that it's retro. Either side is also popular, particularly vintage dresses and believe it or not, dresses from the 1970s and even the 1980s are coming back.

Wedding Themes

With vintage encompassing four decades, there are a lot of styles that included: art deco, flapper, war time, Hollywood glamour, 50s housewife, rockabilly and of course, rock and roll.

Each has its own unique identity and any of them would be work (actually do work) in their entirety or just in part. The great thing is, incorporating any of these wedding themes is easy, particularly at the moment when it is all the rage.

But what about doing something completely different? A moustache party, a Disney theme, a Star Trek or a Star Wars theme? They've all been done (and not just in America).

These days we're willing to fully submerge ourselves in our wedding thems, whether it's a bit tongue in cheek or just because you want to incorporate something that you're passionate about into the big day.

And why not? Why not let your personality show through? It will certainly make the day more memorable for your guests.

wedding theme ideas

How far is too far with decorations and ideas? Now, that is a question. I suppose, if you think you'll look back on the photos in a few years times, or even in a decade, will you be a little bit embarrassed looking back on your special day.

Will that Barbie style dress be that step too far? Or getting your guests to dress up in your 1920s gangsters theme make your cringe later down the line? I think it just depends. How far does your love for these wedding themes go? And how far do you want to take it?

Just one last thing to consider. Is it too much to ask your guests to take part in your chosen theme, or should you just keep the theme to those involved in the wedding party, the decorations and the other bits and bobs? Your choice.

wedding theme ideas

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