Beating The Cliches Of
Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter wedding ideas are hard to find. With most couples opting to tie the knot in warmer months, there is little inspiration out there for winter weddings. I love winter weddings though, and whenever a bride and groom announce they are having one I get a little excited. However, most of them fall into the category of cliche.

So many of the winter weddings I've been to have been big fat cliches. There are silver snowflakes hanging from the roof, log fires, or a twee Christmas theme going on.

The bride arrives with a white fur shrug over her stark white dress, the effect usually making her look like Cruella DeVille (harsh words, I know). By the end of the night I feel like I'm trapped inside a romance novel or a made-for-TV Christmas special.

You don't need to get stuck inside a snow globe to get married in winter. By giving the typical winter wedding ideas a twist, you can have an original and memorable wedding day.

Your Winter Wedding Reception

Winter Wedding Reception

Don't feel that having your wedding in winter means that you are limited in your venue choices. Instead of hiding away from the cold in sterile looking reception venues, consider something different.

Most purpose-built wedding venues are designed for warm weddings. However in winter, garden photography and welcome drinks on the outdoor terrace for the guests aren't going to really give you value for money. It may be well worth your while to skip these kinds of venues altogether and opt for something different.

A friend of mine, who is an avid snowboarder, is planning to wed her fiance on a mountain peak. She has booked a mountain lodge for her reception afterwards. Of course, you don't have to ask your guests to brave the cold. Perhaps you have a favourite restaurant near you? In winter, these kinds of places do less business, and may be more than happy to host your event.

A little while ago I attended a very low-key wedding of some friends in early December. They got married at a register office with only a few family members present. Afterwards, they booked out a favourite bar and invited all their friends for drinks and canapes. The bride wore a short orange dress, and the bar was decked out in red Asian-inspired decor. It was certainly very different, and one of the most memorable winter weddings I've seen.

Use Warm Colours

Winter Wedding Ideas

A lot of articles or blog posts on winter wedding ideas will tell you to decorate in ice-blue and silver. It's winter and we all need to warm up. Don't surround your guests in silver and white. Instead, decorate with warm oranges, chocolates, and reds. It you want to stick with the cooler palette you can, but instead of stark whites, you could use ivory, dark blues, and even purples.

I think the best dressed winter brides are the ones that don't opt for the traditional white dress. In the darker colours of winter, white can stand out, and not in a good way. Ivory and cream look far better. Golds and oranges look divine as well. Wearing a long sleeved dress is a good option too as there's no need to freeze all day.

A Winter's Feast

winter wedding reception

What could be better on a cold night than a Nigella-inspired banquet of comfort foods? Delicious tender meats, roast vegetables, and sweet and sticky puddings to finish off with. Caramels and chocolates make excellent favours, which will probably be devoured by guests before they even get home.

When you are looking for winter wedding ideas, don't simply pick something that you look at in a magazine. Winter is a great canvas to build an extraordinary wedding day on, don't get trapped inside the cliches!

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